Social SlideOut

Put the SlideOut at both sides; Left or Right

Content Readmore

Display your content with a Read More link.

Sidebar Social Share

Beautiful Floating Social Share at sidebar.

Product Folio

It is an impressive way to show a product which is self-explaining. 

Slide Out at Page End

On scrolling the page to bottom a box will slide out.

Filterable Multicategory Portfolio

Show your portfolio images in a Filterable category wise.

Scroll to Top

Beautiful "Scroll to top" effect. Smoothy scrolls.

Anything Slider

Anything Slider, as it's name describes, it slides everything like Video, Images, Text & HTML Layout.

Responsive Lightbox Slider

It's a beautiful slider which has a featured lightbox having a lot of option to customize.

Tree Menu

Display your menu at sidebar with a very beautiful sliding effect.

Back to Previous Page

On clicking the link, visitors will be sent to the previous page, they were visiting.

Featured Countdown

Show countdown timer on your coming soon page.

Notification Bar

Add a notification bar to your site, which have loads of features.

Testimonial, Quote slider

Put Testimonials or Quotes as many as you want.

Beautiful Portfolio

You have 10 CSS3 effects to show your portfolio.

Facebook Traffic Popup

Load Facebook Popup on page open. GET MORE LIKES.

Multicategory Portfolio

Show your portfolio images in a category wise.

Home Page Slider

Best one to put as your home page banner.

Content Lightbox

You can show Gallery with Lightbox effect in article using shortcode.

No Right Click, No Copy

Keep your Contents and Images safe from being copied. Even Print Screen key of Keyboard will not work.

Page Title Scroller

Make your web page eye catchy and visible from other opened tab.

Vertical Content Accordion

You can show any type of content like Facebook, YouTube Video, Texts, Images.

Image Accordion

Beautiful Image Accordion effect.

Any HTML, PHP, CSS, Script

You can show any HTML, PHP, CSS and Script.

Head CSS, Script

Inserts Favicon, CSS, HTML, JavaScript code to the Head.

Grayscale Photo ZoomOut Gallery

Beautiful JQuery Photo Gallery with Grayscale & ZoomOut effect.

Portfolio Zoom Slider

Show your portfolio(Work Portfolio or Photo Folio) in a easy and beautiful way.

Animated Scroll to Top

Beautiful "Scroll to top" effect. Smoothy scrolls.