Notification Bar

Notification Bar
  • Add a notification bar to your site, which has loads of features.
  • You can configure this in many ways. See the back-end screenshots for options.
  • Show Notification bar at Top or Bottom or Inline.
  • Bar Types: Expanded, Collapsed, Delayed, On-scroll
  • Option to Show/Hide Social Links.
  • Show as many notifications you want, notifications will slide one after one.
  • Navigation between messages.
  • The position of Social links can be set to Left/Right.
  • Color and Height of Notification bar can be set according to your need.
  • 30 Fonts are loaded for notification texts.
  • You have control over Bar buttons, Navigation buttons, and Control buttons.
  • You can configure this in many ways. A lot of options there.
  • On click: Toggle/Close

Backend Screenshots

Price: $30
Duration: 1 year
Price: $30.00