We develop the complete site on a designed template. It is the next step after Theme or Template design. Basically we design the theme from a PSD web layout. After that placement of all blocks, pages, setting up forms, newsletter, banner or any necessary application is done which is called as development.

Development is next vital part of the assignment. Looks, user friendly, navigation, content parts, search engine optimization processes like h1, h2, title & alt of images etc, which matters to be a good website includes under web development.

You may not have knowledge on some of these stuffs, however we take care of all these things and try to make the best. You don't need to worry for that. All development work will run on our demo server, which will be available for you. So that you can suggest us what you like to do. Whenever we are meeting your requirement, you can ask the delivery of the website. We will set it up on your server. It will be flawless. 

Give a try on us. We are sure you will love to work with us.